Download config files HERE Extraction password: tunngle 1.Edit the files (server, playercontrol, weaponcontrol) so they fit your needs. -And place them in the "main" folder in your Call of Duty 4 Directory 2.According to the developer, every challenge in the game will unlock an item and there will be at least one hidden challenge.

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Run the shortcut and the console should open, load the files, and nothing more happens.

Now type in: map mp_(first map in your rotation) Then a lot of messages will appear, this means the map is loading and your server is now listed, congratulations!

Being a remaster of an older game, it won’t require a very powerful machine to run at lowest settings.

Server is running on older patch and your client is updated to more latest patch.

This can be checked by testing the ODBC link to determine whether you can connect to the database server: The health of the database should also be checked to ensure it is online.

This VMware KB article covers how to check the health of the v Center server database.

:) I did everything, and it worked, the server loaded up with a map is can be ran for use with Tunngle. Rig Specs: Mother Board: ASUS SABERTOOTH Z77 CPU: Intel Core i5 2500K @ 3.7 GHz GPU: ASUS Radeon R9 280X Direct CU II Memory: 8GB G-Skill Sniper Series @ 1333 MHz Cooling: Swiftech H2O-X20 Edge HD Series You need that Serverpatch if you want to host a Server with the ******* version.

But the problem for me is I don't know how to set an amount of players or set a number for player amount. And you need it for the legit version if you want that ******* version players can join your Server too.

We will update the post once more news regarding today’s update come in.