The netizen claimed that Cecilia was deeply in love with Ah Wing, and the couple stayed strong for three years.

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In reality is she and her foreign boy friend Michael’s relationship broken is a concern, yesterday Joe was asked regarding this issue, she started of playing dumb, then later shyly said: “Ok, we are still together.” But for Valentines present, she doesn’t have high hopes, also today since am I’ll be filming.

Ethan and Tiffany has a stable relationship, Valentines has arrived, because he’s been busy filming since Lunar 3rd day, he hasn’t had the time to go pick a present, but the one thing he can confirm is he won’t be giving a ring, he says: “This idea of locking someone, it’s too serious”. photo of ethan and tiffany at kenting ===== by the way, here’s a link where you can see qiao en’s aussie boyfriend michael: here’s a link about a magazine featuring qiao en, video clip also compare ming dao and the aussie bf:

Joe’s manager expressed that they had not received the script of “Queen of SOP 2”.

Revealing that the sequel intended to target at younger viewers, Joe’s manager pointed out that the role might not be suitable for Joe.

Ethan says, he hasn’t thought up of what to get for his girl friend Tiffany Xu Wei Ning, but of course it wouldn’t be a ring, that’s because to him that is a gesture of securing the partner, which has to be treated carefully.

Joe Chen in Sanli’s idol drama “Fated To Love You” mistakingly takes Aphrodisiacs and has a sexual relationship with Ethan and ends up getting pregnant.Angered by the rumors, Joe wrote in her Weibo, “What have I done wrong?I have been seriously working hard, dilgently acted in my drama and treated everyone politely.Yesterday the two runs to a gynecologist, not only were they giving out condoms, they also told everyone about how to calculate the “safe period”.Interestinly, the drama crew even used a computer to combine both their features to produce their “love child”; making Joe Chen laugh hard: “this little baby with thick eyebrows and large eyes, looks very mature.”Earlier Joe Chen was rumoured to be kissing at a club with her senior Ming Dao, after the news were exposed; both stood strong to deny it, but online Joe was attacked by Ming Dao’s fans heavily.However, only one real-life romance has been officially confirmed. Fated to Love You (2008) with Ethan Ruan - Their intertwining love story that began with an accidental encounter was so enchanting that it remains the highest-rated drama ever in Taiwan.