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This guy fucks his hot teacher after discovering she’s a retired porn star!

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Jessie hates classes, but ever since this new hot blonde teacher came along, he doesn’t miss a single one.

Trying to find out more about her, an Internet search leads him to discovering that she’s a retired porn star!

Even Chip made some weird comment to her at lunch saying he accepted that Kaitlyn would never date him, and then shrugging and saying he was probably too old, before smirking, and walking out. It’s just, you were his teacher.” “No, no I’m not,” Kaitlyn said.

When Kaitlyn asked Jules if she heard anything or knew what was going on, Jules just shrugged, and didn’t know. I know you are a person of character and truth just like them.” Kaitlyn’s eyes began to swell with hot tears.

“One student I worked particularly closely with wrote a goodbye card to me that said, 'You make me proud of myself.' I still take it out and read it when I'm feeling down.” —Jennifer Graham, via Facebook 3. He'd taught me Ancient Greek at university and we had a running joke involving the word for 'wagon'.

After he died, I wrote it on my board as a sort of tribute to him.

Hands down the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me.” —Katherine Mary, via Facebook 6.

“I used to catch every cold going, and one year I had a particularly difficult class and a terrible case of the snots.

One group of boys spent my first lesson quietly mimicking my bunged-up instructions, and I expected them to be just as insufferable the next day. “On my birthday last year, my second-grade students were acting particularly out of control.

Instead, they clubbed together to buy me a multipack of Olbas oil-infused tissues, which they left on my desk with a note saying 'Your nose looks sore.' They didn't give me any trouble after that. In an attempt to reign them in I said, 'How can you guys be so mean to me on my birthday?! When I walked up, I saw my quietest student standing there with his mom.

The boys in school were saying hi, and smiling with lingering looks that Kaitlyn found to be uncomfortable. Would love to here your comments, and always THANK YOU for reading!