I'm now waiting for Visa to come up with a commerical saying, "So if you want to join Naked Lesbian Bimbo's Gone Wild with Horny Water Buffaloes don't bother pulling out your American Express card, because they won't accept it.

and perhaps to the other person's disadvantage or loss.

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The moment of the splash is a split-second, but the froth took Hockney seven days to paint.

As he has suggested, the border around the image blocks the illusion that the viewer can crawl straight into the painting, indeed, jump in the swimming-pool herself.

They all show scenes inside; the outside world has been temporarily renounced.

(2013), the engrossing documentary made by Randall Wright, the artist is quoted as saying that changing style or subject matter does not mean a rejection of what came before; it is simply the act of looking round a different corner.

An October 2010 article entitled "Cyber Crime Made Easy" explained the level to which hackers are using malicious software.

We were oblivious to the cool modernism of the Los Angeles scene, the balance of monotone blue on blue, the elegance, the gay erotics which so often featured in Hockney’s paintings of this time. Hockney’s trick of showing the moment just after the surface of the water has been broken, the white plume of froth rising up, the person who has jumped into the pool invisible and underwater, points to both his sense of humour and his life-long interest in playing games with representation itself.

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I found an interesting porn site today and decided to pay their fee and I went through the hoops and put my American Express credit card number in, and it was rejected with a little note saying, "This site does not accept American Express credit cards." I went to a bunch of other sites and attempted to join them also (just for statistical research, you understand), and at each of them the card was rejected because they do not accept American Express cards.

However, highlighting how the need for sexual consent classes today is ‘very, very worrying,’ Sherratt rounded-off: “On one hand, we’re told rape is something done to intentionally hurt people.