Traditional elements of the hotel create a homely atmosphere, with original oak timbers which pre-date the Spanish Armada.

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Deadline had reported Katic is in final negotiations for the show.

AXN, a Sony Pictures Television channel, has greenlighted an initial 10 episodes and will begin production in early 2017.

The restaurant’s philosophy - From Nature to Plate - is exactly the same as its sister restaurant The Kitchin.

The 38-year-old actress confirmed she's in talks for the AXN crime drama by re-tweeting news of her casting Wednesday.

Being just a few miles away from sumptuous vineyards, the Château d’Ouchy’s bar has no other choice but to honour the wine and its artisan!

Two passionate winemakers from the Aran region will introduce you to their knowhow by offering a free wine tasting from pm to pm.

Hinge put a list together for us of the 30 most eligible influencers, decided by who had a combination of activity on the app and a ton of Instagram followers.