Such a smooth hot muscular body plus a really sexy face, can’t go wrong with that.Have you ever wondered what extreme conditions are experienced by everyday volunteer rural firefighters on the frontline? The website`s interface has become much more convenient and user-friendly.

it was hairy but we got out of it." Neville said seeing the reaction of his fellow firefighters when they viewed his photos was overwhelming."There's a lot of emotion when the other volunteers see the photos when I show them ...

Porsche is an interesting company – recognised as the German sports car manufacturer but in recent years in Australia its growth has come from its SUV’s – the mid-sized Macan and the larger and older Cayenne – both now represent 80 per cent of Porsche sales.

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This guarantee is over and above conventional warranty obligations and will be backed up with commitments […] A chance to sit down with the new M. of Audi Australia this week –Paul Sansom is an Englishman who recently arrived from Audi South Africa.

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"The photos you see now are the end result of a long journey."Neville said his aim was to convey the strength of the volunteers — going from their everyday lives to becoming firefighters in "a blink of an eye".

Neville started his project using large DSLR cameras but soon realised the gear was not practical and now relies mainly on a point-and-shoot camera.

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