I admit that a fair share of Brazilian men have entranced me. This is the powerful, irresistible lure of the “Brasileiro” (Brazilian man).

Brazilian portuguese dating phrases video

A Portuguese does not “have a problem,” he “is done to the beef.” (Estou feito ao bife! A Portuguese does not want you “to leave him alone,” he wants you to “bother Camões.” (Vai chatear o Camões.) 4.

A Portuguese does not “cause problems,” he “breaks all the dishes.” (Partir a loiça toda.) 5.

Irresistible lure aside, after spending nine months in Brazil, I came to really appreciate certain facets of romance and dating there that tend to be lackluster stateside.

There is just something about them that always seems to pull me in — can you blame me?

Chuchu is a green root; vegetable, and is probably used as a term of endearment because it sounds like the French; chouchou, used in France as sweetie, and also sounds like choux (cabbage); Gato (m.)/ gata (f.):, literally cat, used between young boyfriends and girlfriends to mean cute and sexy Meu bem, meu amor – sweetheart (traditional, used by married or older people) Meu querido (m.) / minha querida (f.) – my dear 안녕, 내 사랑~! 당신을 많이 좋아해요 (tangsineul mani joahaeyo): I like you a lot. French is the language perhaps most associated with romance. And of course, you should know how to say : Ich liebe dich.

Paixão da minha vida – love of my life / literally, passion of my life amor da minha vida – love of my life Chuchu – pronounced “choochoo”, is like the English sweetie. Erdbeermäulchen – Little strawberry mouth Erdbeerchen – Little strawberry Baerchen – Little bear Zuckerschnäutzchen – Sugar lips (lit., little sugar mouth) Zuckerschnecke – Sugar snail Zuckerbienchen – Little sugar bee Perhaps our favorite is Knutschipuh, which is pronounced “knootcheepoo” and means something similar to the English phrase smootchie-poo.

“Linda” (beautiful), they will often blurt out, with infatuation and fervor.

I’ll never forget the first time I chatted online with a Brazilian girl.

We met at a party through mutual friends and added each other on Facebook so that we could stay in contact. Maybe a girl who is in the KKK is into bad boys who get their doors knocked down by the Brazilian SWAT?

Later on we got to chatting, and that’s when things got interesting. “A festa foi muito bom.” The party was good, but my ability to make interesting small chat still had a long way to go. Nossa, nunca vi alguém beber tanto whiskey na minha vida kkk.” Now, I had a hard time understanding all of that, but the one thing that I got from this story was that she was a lifetime member of the KKK. I’d heard that Brazilians are more direct, but I wasn’t expecting it like this.

We started out with polite greetings, “oi, tudo bem? I told my roommate that the girl I met was really into me and she wanted to give me a bj.