Although I've been begging Apple for a meaningful Aperture update for years (only to get the occasional bug fix) I was glad to see some of the new features in Photos demonstrated at WWDC (all your photos in the cloud, anyone?) and that Apple had some sort of vision for photo management in light of the Mobile Me galleries fiasco of 2012.Before we can run with Aperture we must learn the basics.

After Shot Pro 2 is normally priced at $79.99, but Aperture (and Lightroom) users qualify for special $59.99 competitive upgrade pricing.

The offer was announced as a limited time promotion alongside the debut of After Shot Pro 2, but with Apple's announcement today Corel is reminding users that it remains in effect.

In addition, Corel notes that it will be looking at additional ways to help Aperture users migrate to After Shot Pro 2.

Launched last month, the new After Shot Pro 2 offers competitive upgrade pricing ($59) to Aperture users.

Loop Insight's Jim Dalrymple reported on Friday that Apple was discontinuing its Aperture and i Photo software packages to focus on development of its forthcoming Photos app for OS X and i OS 8 — which was briefly previewed at WWDC earlier this month.

As a long-suffering Aperture user with over 38k images in my library (since 2009), the news was both a surprise and a relief.If you would like to purchase any of the items mentioned, please do so by clicking our links first and then purchasing the items as we then get a small portion of the sale to help run the website.Mobile Me ist von Apple durch die i Cloud ersetzt worden.While Adobe has responded to Apple's announcement that it is ending development of its Aperture professional photo editing and management app for OS X by promising to "double down" on Lightroom, there are other players in the market.Corel is one of those competitors, and the company is hoping to attract some current Aperture users to switch to its After Shot Pro 2 software launched last month.Apple’s Aperture 3 is the latest release of the software designed to help photographer’s manage, and edit their images. Adobe’s Lightroom 3 runs on both PC and Mac platforms while Aperture is just made for Mac.