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At first glance, the term “intentional community” seems odd.

A nested case–control study was used to assess the risk factors of diarrhoeal episodes.

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Abstract A community of students, at different ranks, and two faculty members engaged in the development of a research project aimed at studying the consumption of complementary and/or alternative medicine (CAM) in the South.

A well-established store in the community was identified for the study because of its focus on natural products and well-being.

Our study shows that professional exposure to wastewater and excreta during agricultural activities are significantly contributing to the risk of diarrhoea in adults.

The highest attributable fractions were obtained for direct contact with Nhue River and local ponds, handling practices of human and animal excreta as fertilisers, lack of protective measures while working and poor personal hygiene practices, and unsafe food and water consumption were associated with the risk of diarrhoeal episodes in adults.

The students and faculty developed a CAM survey and the store owners provided feedback and gave approval to conduct the study on their patrons.

The survey explored CAM use among adults and children in comparison to CAM uses in other regions of the country.

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